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E-Commerce System Design

We offer a complete and custom designed web-based e-commerce site for your small or medium sized business.

  • Organize your products by category/group
  • Import/export your products from Excel, CSV, data file, or any database format
  • Relate small and fullsize images to your products
  • Secure credit card transactions (automated or offline)
  • Automatic shipping cost calculation based on product weight, distance shipped, and type of service
  • Automatic e-mail confirmation to your customer
  • Shipment tracking option is available
  • Label printing option is available
  • Can support price breaks, discounts, and/or coupon codes
  • Support is available for dropshippers
  • Flexible reporting that tracks order history, order summary and related information
  • Administrative functions to manage your products, images, and prices
  • Customized reports are available for statistical analysis, tracking

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